On September 30 this year, in order to recognize the contributions of the administrative and secretarial staff, IDS Consultores entertained them with a memorable evening, accompanied by music and activities at the Hotel Venetur.


 Every October 28 is celebrated the Engineer´s Day in Venezuela, proclaimed so because in 1861 was created the College of Engineers. The College of Engineers of Venezuela is a body of public moral institution with legal personality and own assets. And it has all the rights, duties, powers and functions assigned to it by the Law of Practice of Engineering, Architecture and Allied Professions. For this reason and being the core of our company, IDS Consultores appreciated the great work…


Today more than ever IDS Consultores increases its competitiveness, promoting innovation, improving productivity through technological advances. To do this, we improve and encourage collaboration among our staff that plays an essential role in the company, through the implementation of Sharepoint. We work under the concept of "Teleworker", demonstrating that we are a step further and and we have forgotten the old work structure that demands that one can only work at the office. In order to solidly support the development…